Thursday 22 September 2022

22.1Today is World Car Free Day and I cycled into the office.

It made me really happy to see the huge amount of bicycles that were parked up at the hospital. They really are going to need some more bike racks at this rate.

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7 September 2019

New bikes

We have recently bought the kids new (second-hand new!) bikes and they are loving being able to be a bit speedier around the park. The Little Mister is fine as long as she is going in a straight line but hasn’t quite mastered the brakes!

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2012 Project365 (Day 104)

EtienneToday I decided to cycle to work. Don’t get too excited, it is only about a 10 minute cycle away! The thing that always puts me off is the big hill as soon as your leave the driveway. After that it is flat all the way.

This is my bicyclette. His name is Etienne, for obvious reasons as it is written on the frame. It is a relatively cheapish bike from Halfords but it rides nicely and does the job!

I am going to try and ride to work as often as possible, sometimes it won’t work out as I will need the car for work, but I thought I would try and do some more exercise.

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