Week 13 – 27 March–2 April 2023


On Saturday The Little Mister took part in touch Ruby competition which was really good although they lost every match (I think!)

55Every week is busy but this week we had a few additional extra activities.

In the afternoon The Little Miss went to the Guernsey Music Centre to try out a load of instruments and see which one she fancies learning. She was determined to like the flute the best but came away with the clarinet as her favourite….. I am obviously delighted as this is the instrument I learnt to play. Fingers crossed she gets it!

We also had numerous swimming awards and on Sunday The Mister ran the Guernsey marathon. I think he found it rather a tough run today but he managed to finish in under 4 hours.

Roll on the end of this week and the start of the Easter Holidays. I am knackered!!!


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Sunday 24 October 2021


So this morning The Mister and his friend Tom ran the Guernsey marathon – they ran half of it each and rather surprisingly they came third out of the men’s relay pairs team. This is The Mister running with my sister who was also running the first leg. They managed to drag each other along it would seem.

Meanwhile Anne and I and Mark went in for a lovely swim at Vazon. Big waves and the water was really quite warm – loved it! We then followed the marathon route around until we ended up in town to meet the boys.

This afternoon we chilled out at home, watched TV and played games before getting a Chinese for tea. The other picture on here is the heavenly sunrise that I woke to this morning.



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A year in pictures – Day 92

Marathon ManToday my amazing husband ran Manchester Marathon in 3 hours 42 minutes taking 12 minutes of his personal best.

He did a brilliant job and has been training hard over the last few months.

I am hugely proud of him and his commitment and he has raised quite a bit of cash for my sister’s charity This is Epic.

He also got a decent sized medal for finishing. My choice of pic today was either this one, or the picture of his blistered toes!

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A year in pictures – Day 89

Airport goodbyes

Today The Mister flew to Manchester. He has a busy couple of days as he has to go and do an exam, but he is also running Manchester Marathon. He is raising money for This is Epic and he will be running with his friend Tom. Good luck!

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2014 Project365 (Day 237)

Team 7 in 7

Another picture from yesterday.

This is the boys just after the end of their seven marathons in seven days, with their amazing wives who have put up with them running all hours of the day, eating them out of house and home and running around after them whilst the marathons were going on. Not to mention having to put up with the complaining about the aches and pains.

I reckon that the four of them have done a great job on this challenge. Well done!

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2014 Project365 (Day 236)

Guernsey Waterfront MarathonToday was the Guernsey Waterfront Marathon and The Mister was running it today. Doing a marathon was on his bucket list and he managed to complete it in 3 hours 54 minutes which was an awesome time. He even managed to look fairly cool, calm and collected as he crossed the finish line.

I am so proud of him and he has trained long and hard for this and it is well deserved.

Philip and Warren also completed their 7 marathons in 7 days by finishing in just under 5 hours. They have done a great job despite having knackered joints. There is still time to sponsor them at www.thisisepic.org.uk

Well done everyone. We are really proud of you!

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