Week 14 – 3-9 April 2023


It has been a very busy and stressful week at work. Despite it being a 4 day working week it really felt much longer!

However, there were a couple of high points. On Monday my friend Hannah came to Guernsey on a day trip. We were very good friends when we were at school but I haven’t seen her for at least 20 years. We had time for a quick cuppa and a catch up and it was so very lovely to see her.

We had a busy week at school with cake sale, house matches and mufti. I also made it to another round number on Basil the Bike.

Easter weekend was lovely and Good Friday was sunny but breezy. The Mister managed to cut the lawn – a huge challenge as the grass was so long and I cleared up the pots and planted to potatoes. Eric supervised from his reclining position on the bench.

On Saturday evening The Mister and I went to see GADOC perform 9 to 5. It was brilliant and I loved the costumes- very early eighties with power shoulder pads, peplums and pleated skirts. They made me think of my Mum!

Easter Sunday at church was just lovely and I was particularly moved with the practice of flowering the cross. It was very moving.

Hallelujah! He is risen.








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Sunday 17 April 2022



Hallelujah he is risen!!


18.9The kids and I went to church this morning and I was singing. It was a fabulous services featuring a decorated donkey called Colin, who helped to tell the Easter story. I won some eggs and many prayers were placed in the open tomb. It was just glorious so see church full after so many weeks of people being away with Covid and shielding etc. It felt like a new start – just as Easter Sunday should feel.

I also cooked a roast lamb lunch with another epic pavlova and Dad and Auntie Pat and Uncle John came too. Lovely to see them all. Uncle John spends a lot of time reading and talking about politics so it was good to see him indulging in a bit of light reading today.

The main pic from today is the wonderful postbox topped which is just outside the church doors. Just lovely.

Ps. Happy birthday to my sister – see you soon x


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A year in pictures – Day 106

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!

We have had a lovely day. Church, followed by a lunch at my Dad’s house and the kids had an Easter egg hunt.

Today my cousin Stef and her new husband Rhys headed off to the UK before moving to New Zealand for a couple of years. We are going to miss them loads but thanks to the wonders of technology hopefully we will be able to keep up with them!

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2014 Project365 (Day 110)

Easter SundayEaster Sunday and The Little Mister and I went to church with my Dad today. The church is the one I went to as a child and the memories of Mum are all around, from the images I see in my heard of her singing in the worship group to the banners on the wall that she so lovingly made.

The one thing I do know is that Easter Sunday is a mark of the resurrection. A sign of life after the darkness of the bleakness and tragedy of the Crucifixion and an opportunity to reflect on the last few months. Death has no victory even when it feels like it and there are moments when I just have to try and sit with that knowledge and hope that things will ease for us too.

I miss Mum so much and on days like this when we would have gone to their house for lunch I miss her even more. So, we did go to their house and my sister cooked a fab roast and I made pudding. Over lunch, as is our family tradition, we listened to Adrian Snell’s “The Passion”, turned up loud. Death indeed has no victory.

In other news The Little Mister managed to break into his chocolate Easter chicks before the toast had finished cooking for breakfast. He seems to have consumed rather a large amount of chocolate today.

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2012 Project365 (Day 107)

Paschal PenguinI belong to a website community called The Ship of Fools. I have met some amazing people through the forums, kind of including The Mister in a round about sort of way. Every year they do a Secret Santa, but also a Paschal Penguin… ie. send a little Easter gift to the value of £5 to someone you don’t know.

My parcel arrived today. Two cute knitted Easter chicks stuffed with chocolate eggs, a flower key ring and a penguin eraser. It made my day very happy!

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2012 Project365 (Day 99)

Easter DaisiesHappy Easter everyone. I was going to post a picture of all the Easter Eggs that have been given to the family but I thought that was a bit excessive. I didn’t have a picture of a cross or anything religious either so I feel like a bit of a failure.

I went to church this morning (very nice, but where were the beautiful Easter hymns!) and then we had a delicious lamb roast with my parents, my sister and her family and my aunt and cousin and his better half. After lunch we thought we had better go for a walk to try and work off some of the food and these lovely daisies were just one of the flowers that I saw whilst we were out and about. There are load of primroses and daffodils and at times it felt like a lovely spring day but the wind was chilly.

It’s been a good day.

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